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"Flip The OFF Switch" on Stubborn Fat, So You'll Feel Sexy, Confident and Satisfied Again!
Ready to Drop Unwanted Fat Without Restrictive Diets & Hours of Cardio?
“Yolanda Felt Stuck Until The M4 Method ”
Had chronic pain, was stuck on pain killers, bed ridden and depressed
Until she found the M4 Method!

Coach Yolanda, our certified health coach started out as a client! She was so transformed that she joined forces with us and switched career paths!  Listen to hear her transformation from chronic pain to pain free, ripped and now your health coach!-- 
Stacey "I was uncomfortable in my own skin before the M4 Method"
A busy mom of 5, yes 5! She was tired, achey and was not happy with the muffin top that showed up overnight. She was hesitant to strength train. She had never exercised in her life and never played any sports. This was all new to her! Stacey flourished and lost over 10 pounds of pure fat! She has gained lean muscle mass and say's she cant believe she did not do this sooner. 
“Rachael went from fragile to energized and ripped"
Rachel was tired, stressed, fragile and at her wit's end. As a working single mom of 3 at the age of 42 she was ready for change! She will admit that she was a sugar junkie and had no muscle! 
Working with the M4 program she went from tired and fragile to energized and ripped! Seriously she is only 13% body fat and can deadlift over 275 pound when only weighing 115 her self! 

“Shannon lost over 25 pounds using the M4 Method”
Shannon 43 year old mom of 4 came to the M4 Method in tears desperate for help! Shannon lost over 25 pounds with the M4 Method! What she did not expect was how empowered and emotionally healed she became from transforming her health and getting so strong! Shannon now deadlifts over 250 pounds!
Sandy "I have more energy than ever! ”
Sandy, a busy mom and commercial pilot was tired, overworked and feeing so out of shape. She was uncomfortable in her clothes and knew she was headed down a bad path. She loved exercise but just could not push herself or hold herself accountable. Upon joining the M4 Method she found a new community and love for strength training. She realized that she also needed to work on her diet. She has transformed her health and body with the M4 Method and has chosen that this is her new lifestyle and love her new transformed body!

“Lisa lost 45 pounds in 4 months”
Lisa at the age of 45 was told she would need to go on prescription drugs due to her being over weight. Lisa said NO, I want to do this with our medication. The doctor said I will give you 4 months and come back and see me. 
Lisa joined the M4 program and lost 45 pounds in 4 months. She lost 33 inches total ! She has put on 7 pounds of muscle! Lets just say her doctor is now a believer in the M4 method, and know prescription meds for Lisa!

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