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Stop the Yo-Yo dieting and starvation mode!
Get the accountability, support and coaching you need!

Plus take your workouts to the next level, in home or at the gym !

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So, it's almost summer! 
 Bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and the list goes on. 
 No need to feel uncomfortable sitting in a lawn chair in your shorts any longer! We got you. Let us coach you! 

  • ​90 minute initial consult and group coaching session with certified health coach
  • ​Custom macro profile & adjustments 
  •  Custom meal sample planning coaching, built around your food choices
  • ​ Weekly live group coaching sessions with strength sisters coach 
  • ​Accountability with your coach
  • ​Meal prep coaching
  • ​Hitting your protein goals coaching
  • ​Macro adjustments as needed
  • ​Re-feed coaching days
  • ​Measurement & progress picture check ins with your coach
  • Custom ​next level strength workouts designed for your fitness level and what you have accessible to you
  • ​In app nutrition content 
  • ​Sunday devotionals in app
  • ​More Support, More Community, More Accountability, More Coaching

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